Scott Rigsby | 2011

334874_387254384664152_131147604_o-1On October 13, 2007, after enduring the elements for 16 hours and 43 minutes, Scott Rigsby became the first double-amputee on prosthetics in the world to finish an Ironman distance triathlon with prosthetics at the 140.6-mile World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Rigsby used “swim legs” to navigate the difficult 2.4 mile ocean swim, “bike legs” to cycle 112 miles through the heat and gusting winds of the Big Island lava fields on a standard road bike, and “run legs” to complete the marathon segment in darkness and intense pain.

To hear Rigsby tell it, the drama unfolded early and adversity struck often throughout the day and night with mother nature, his prosthetics and time continuously working against the man of iron will. His triumphs and adversities during the ordeal is a poetic summary of his life, as he describes the intimate thoughts and feelings of conquering the challenge that ultimately defines his life and purpose. Share in the final miles as he runs against his past, toward the open door down Alii Drive, through the flowery tunnel of frenzied fans waiting to see “The Miracle” beat the dreaded midnight deadline. With 17 minutes to spare before race organizers called things off, you will hear the final moments come to life as the announcer screams, “Here he comes, it’s Scott Rigsby, he’s going to do it. Unbelievable!”

Scott Rigsby’s incredible story contains as many highs and lows as one can imagine over such a short and storied life. Like a Rubik’s Cube, there are many twists and turns in his amazing tale that offers something personal and meaningful to each individual. You might laugh and you might cry or, both. But one thing is for certain, you will be inspired. For Scott Rigsby, there is no finish line.

Rigsby is currently engaged in corporate speaking events, counseling wounded US troops, making public appearances, conducting media interviews and being highlighted in national magazines and newspapers. In addition, the Scott Rigsby Foundation (a 501C3), designed to inspire, educate and enable amputees and all challenged athletes around the world, is opening new doors for challenged athletes to meet their personal goals.

Unthinkable, Rigsby’s unique story of success and failures, all started with a decision and the desire to never quit, no matter what, no matter how long.