Rapture Ruckus

IMG_1656Now based out of Nashville, TN and managed by First Company Management (Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Stellar Kart) the reputation of Rapture Ruckus is growing almost as fast as their fan-base as they tour throughout the world.
Attending a Rapture Ruckus concert highlights one of the truly special things about this group – their ability to break through restraints or barriers and really engage with people. Dring is the band’s creative mastermind and is known for his perfectionism. Every element of their live show has been carefully considered. As a result you are treated to a dynamic performance where every light, specialeffect, graphic or lyric draws you in and allows you to really hear the messages being delivered. That, says Dring, is the ultimate goal.

So what is Rapture Ruckus? Big stadium-ready choruses. Raw honesty and passion. Songs that are captivating audiences all around the globe.