Craig Whittaker

IMG_4682A desire to honor and serve God the Father and to lift up the name of His son and our savior, Jesus Christ; that sums up the motivation behind singer/songwriter Craig Whittaker’s music ministry.

God has placed it on my heart to write and share this music with the world around me. He gave His very best for me, so I should give my best for Him”.

Growing up on a farm in the small community of White Gate, Virginia, Craig witnessed the awesome creation and daily miracles of God.

“I grew up in a wonderful church, believed in the existence of God and that Jesus was his son, but it wasn’t until watching a play entitled Children of Eden that I began to feel His presence instead of just believing He existed. For the first time I began to realize that the all powerful creator who holds the entire universe in His hands actually LOVES ME and longs for my love in return.

“As my relationship with Him has grown, it became clear that the more in love with Him I fall, the more I desire to serve and share the hope, peace and pure joy that can only come from a personal relationship with Jesus.”

It is those convictions that led Craig to Creative Soul Records and producer Eric Copeland in Nashville to record his debut contemporary Christian CD project “Common Ground” which served as a catalyst for the growth and  development of Craig’s ministry.

Craig’s current release STANDING draws from the same convictions and expands into more everyday situations that affect us all, while encouraging listeners to truly listen for His call and  to be ready to stand as one for His kingdom and for His glory.

Isaiah 48:16 “My hand also has laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand has spanned the heavens; When I call them, they stand up together”, says the Lord.